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Books by Mary Elizabeth Ames

  • Dragona

    Dragons are among the earliest mammals to appear on Earth. They arose during the late Cretaceous Period. Over time, they settled into different environments, which led to the development of different dragon species. Dragona provides insight into the evolution and natural history of fire dragons: their physical characteristics, their social behaviors, and their interactions with humans. People who are fascinated with dragons will find their tales intriguing and entertaining. Illustrations of each species of fire dragons support their individual stories.

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  • Raephela

    Raephela is the sequel to the novel Homo transformans: The Origin and Nature of the Species. Both stories reveal a world in which a new species of humans, H. transformans, developed the genetic ability to transform, provided they had the genes that conveyed the capability. This creates a rift in society between those who support and succor H. transformans and those who seek to exploit them. Raephela continues the saga of H. transformans wherein Raephela Cassius seizes control of the Cassius Foundation and uses its resources to bend all people to her will.

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  • H’Ilgraith

    A new species has emerged . . .

    When homo transformans, a species of human able to transform into animals, first appears, those affected do not know what is happening to them or how to control it. As the world becomes divided into factions seeking to either exploit or protect this new species, an orphaned girl named Ruwena finds a mentor in the mysterious old woman known only as H’Ilgraith. But who is H’Ilgraith? Why is she so dour and taciturn toward her ward, and how did she acquire her extensive knowledge about dragons, potions and hybrids?

    Witness H’Ilgraith’s adventures as a young woman, forging her personality and abilities as a homo transformans in an unfriendly world.


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Mary Elizabeth Ames is an author. Her previous novels in the Homo transformans series include Homo transformans: The Origin and Nature of the Species; H'Ilgraith, a silver medalist in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards and gold medalist in the Feathered Quill Awards; and Raephela. Ms. Ames has a master of science degree in biology. She incorporates the science of biology and genetics into her narratives to imbue them with a sense of realism and to provide an understanding of how genes function.

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