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Books by Martin Robert Grossman

  • Floater

    Floater is the story of combat soldiers who only wanted to do their duty, come home, and live the American dream-a dream devoid of the nightmares of PTSD, homelessness, and addiction.

    Captain Don Carter is a murderer, but after the events in War Crimes, a sympathetic Texas jury lets him walk free. Still imprisoned by his demons and the vengeful voice known as the “Commander in Chief,” Carter resurfaces in Nevada and, with the help of the loyal Dr. Carla Golden, resumes his mission to offer solace to the Vietnam veterans America has abandoned-in more ways than one. But as he falls further under the spell of his new therapy, a sensory deprivation chamber, he edges closer to the abyss, and closer to losing himself to the Commander in Chief.

    Meanwhile, mysterious murders marked by the ace of spades again seize the attention of Jerry Andrews, Carter’s former teammate and part-time nemesis. As Jerry follows the clues into a psychological puzzle with no easy answers, Carter and Dr. Golden come to realize that those who enter the shadowy pools of their minds in the float tank don’t always emerge the same.


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  • War Crimes

    After fleeing the vindictive communist government of Vietnam in the mass exodus of 1975, the Phan family moves to America. They become naturalized citizens and relocate to Seabrook, Texas, where they once again take up fishing for a living. But the local fishermen do not take kindly to the new outside competition. Fueled by anti-immigrant racism, a series of grisly murders take place, with the ace of spades death card marking each victim. Will the clues lead back to vengeful Vietnam-era soldiers who hate the “dinks” above all else, or is something else causing havoc?


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  • Club Saigon

    There are only two guarantees’ we get in life—a slap on the ass when we’re born and a shovel full of dirt in our face when we die. In between we just try to survive in places like Vietnam. When four members of Special Forces A-Detachment 255 (Green Berets) finish their tour in Vietnam and return to 1969 America, things don’t always go as planned. Over there at least, you knew who the enemy was, and you left a calling card on their bodies after you aced them. Jerry Andrews is a successful L.A police detective. His friend, Willy Beal, is a down-and-outer who never got over his wartime experiences and relies on booze and drugs to get him through his long dark days and nights. People start dying and Andrews discovers the connections between his past and the present. He must visit the member’s-only Club Saigon, a place he’d rather not go, to find the killer and stop the slaughter.

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Martin Robert Grossman served six years in the US Army Special Forces from 1965 to 1971, including three tours in Vietnam. He has written three best-selling children's books: Oscar the Otter, Pigs of Lake Hood, and Totems of Seldovia; and two adult fiction books, Club Saigon and War Crimes. Martin has a degree in journalism from Los Angeles City College, a BA from Whittier College, and is a former war correspondent for the LA Herald Examiner. He is also a retired construction engineer with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities and an author in residence at several Alaska libraries.

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