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Books by David Ryback

  • 4 Global Crises: Radical Strategies for Dealing with Nuclear Threat, Racial Injustice, Pandemics, and Climate Change

    Social scientist and international consultant Dr. David Ryback offers an in-depth overview of the fascinating dynamics of the four global crises that continue to affect all of us on the planet, focusing on the following:

    • Nuclear threat in this challenging political era, and how to choose an alternative to planetary destruction by exploring a radical form of international negotiation proven in the Camp David Peace Accords.
    • Unjust Killings and, for those who want to have an impact, how to create communities of support, develop avenues of expression for the frustration and anger that arises from the experience, and encourage storytelling with skilled trainers to ensure the best outcomes.
    • Pandemics with their variants and, when quarantine is necessary, how to do so with less frustration and more fulfilling activities, including how to create more supportive and fun activities if you’re not alone.
    • Climate change and how to take control through political influence, community support, and individual lifestyle changes.

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  • The Big Split

    Social scientist and international consultant David Ryback offers an in-depth overview of the fascinating dynamics of The Big Split, focusing on . . .

    • the intense support for former President Trump,
    • the psychological secrets to why QAnon grew so quickly,
    • a neuroscientific explanation for the January 6 assault on the Capitol,
    • a clear explanation of how algorithms work,
    • what has contributed to the loss of trust in the government since 9/11,
    • how to bridge the gap to communicate successfully with someone on the “other side,”
    • the origins and power of conspiracy theories,
    • and finally, how a reliable democracy like the US can turn into a complete dictatorship if we don’t make some changes.

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David Ryback, PhD, is a social scientist, an international consultant to heads of corporations and educational institutions, and the author of eight books and over sixty professional articles. At the University of Vienna, he completed research on the evolution of trust and then began writing The Big Split. He is also a book critic for many publications, including Psychology Today and Speaker, the national magazine of the National Speakers Association, of which he has been a long-standing member, including board involvement over the years.