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So far in this series I have discussed the concept of writers becoming a part of history, how we have a competitive nature to become our best, and how we are compelled to write by our inner muses who inspire and goads us to do more. Last but not least is the simple fact that the world desperately needs you to write.

The world needs artists to show us new ways of seeing things, new ways of hearing and reading things. Without artists the world would be a terribly boring place. Artists have the ability to not only imagine unlimited possibilities, but they can share them with us.

In some cultures artists are revered and lifted up, recognized for their creative abilities and given opportunities to share their art. The commercial aspect of the art may be less important than the interaction between the artist and the people who do not have the ability to see things in the same way as the artist. They come to the gallery, or the theater, or the bookstore, and experience things they had never contemplated before. Things they did not think possible and could never imagine on their own.

Their lives become bigger and better through experiencing the art, and some of the artist rubs off on them. This transfer of understanding is one of the most important aspects of the creation of art. Writers do this when people read their work. They transfer little pieces of themselves into the readers. This allow the readers to visit new worlds, new places, and meet people they would never have met in real life. Authors teach people about things they never knew through biographies and historical and non-fiction work. They teach us about science and science fiction.

Writers take us on trips in their novels. We escape with them to adventures we would never have without the author taking us there. We visit the murder scene and try to warn the next victim. We stay up late to find out what happens. We laugh and cry. We are disgusted, elated and filled with a sense of wonder. We are completely addicted to the words and the writers are our pushers. They push words into our eyes and ears and they fill the cravings of our minds.

Reading makes us better people. Reading teaches us new languages and helps us to understand other people in countries we would never visit except through books. Authors enrich our lives in such profound ways, and I cannot imagine life without books and stories.

Can you even imagine life without writers?

We the people of the planet Earth need writers to make life worth living. We need you to make our lives more exciting. We need writers to remind us about how rich our world is, and how wonderful our existence. We need you to provide us with words that allow us to take a trip that restores our souls, and gives us hope.

So here’s to you writers. We beg you to continue making your art, because we desperately need you to do so. Our lives depend upon it.



John Koehler
President and Publisher
John is the company founder and runs its day-to-day operations. He is an award-winning graphics designer, and the author of seven books.