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Amazon Author Central is a terrific tool that allows authors to keep track of their title’s sales on Amazon. The site also gives authors the ability to alter the meta data of their books, including the description, author bio and reviews. This is terrific for self-publishing authors. But if you have a legitimate publisher who is managing your book, any changes you make to your book meta data on Author Central will make that section exclusively yours, and LOCK OUT YOUR PUBLISHER.

Here is the warning language from Amazon:

In the Editorial Reviews section of your book’s Product Detail Page, you can update Product Description, About the Author, From the Author, From the Inside Flap, From the Back Cover, and Reviews.

Important: Once you make a change to a section, your publisher will not be able to make any further changes to the same section. Your publisher can still make changes to other sections, but not to that one. If you believe this may cause your publisher concern, please consult them before making changes.

A book publisher typically uses a title management system provided by their distributor (e.g. Ingram). The publisher uploads the meta data for all the various pertinent details about the book. That meta data is then released on the “feed” system that is disseminated to all the online and brick and mortar bookseller partners who have an account with the distributor. Such as Amazon.

If you alter your title’s meta data on Amazon Author Central you take over that data on Amazon, and cut off your publisher. Be advised that this may not be a good idea, and may be a breach of contract regarding the rights that your publisher has been legally awarded. Some publishers may be delighted to have their authors take a hands on approach, others may not.

Before you consider such direct involvement, talk with your publisher.