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Looking back over the past year there is much to be proud of and pleased about. From a business standpoint we did very well, and from a creative standpoint our work continues to shine, and our we are fortunate to have collaborated with 100 authors from around the world.

• Our income was up and our expenses down- a good business principle and our net profit was the best ever.

• We distributed and sold over 61,000 books on behalf of our authors, sharing royalties with them.

• We paid out $60,000 in author royalties last quarter, our highest amount to date. Author royalties are a sure sign of publisher and author success.

• We now have 9 staff, including editors, designers and admin.

• We were included by Publishers Weekly in their TOP 12 HYBRID PUBLISHERS edition.

• We switched to a no-returns policy with hybrid deals and our returns dropped from 5000 to 1000.

• Our authors continued to win hundreds of awards: https://www.koehlerbooks.com/author-center/kb-authors/awards/

• Our newsletter and social media expanded our reach

• Our POCKET GUIDE TO BOOK PUBLISHING has been read over 160,000 times and the newer POCKET GUIDE TO BOOK MARKETING many thousands of times. Both are free downloads on our website.

• Our integrity, honesty and quality shine a light in this industry.

Thank you for helping us continue to serve and help authors, and to educate writers around the world.



John Koehler
Koehler Books