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Midpoint: Manhood, Midlife and Prostate Cancer by James A. Hill

As a healthy 56-year-old marketing executive, Jim Hill never saw stage-3 prostate cancer coming. Yet, in early 2018 he found himself on his back for six hours, going through a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. His surgeon ventured into the tangle of tissue, nerves, and blood vessels in his groin to remove his prostate, seminal vesicles, lymph nodes, and some surrounding tissue. The good news was Jim’s cancer seemed to be eradicated. The bad news was the experience would leave him altered physically and psychologically, as a man, a husband, and a father. Written for the 2.9 million men who are living with prostate cancer today—and for their loved ones, caregivers, and health care providers—Midpoint candidly explores the gritty, often embarrassing realities of prostate cancer and its impact on middle-aged male identity with clarity, compassion, and, ultimately, hope.


I Am Human: Sketchbook of an Addict by Peter Bragino

It’s NEVER too late to follow your DREAMS.

I Am Human is about our shared humanity: about dreams, and the sometimes tumultuous and traumatic journeys it takes to realize them. Sometimes the greatest gifts in life are disguised as the hardest of lessons tucked inside the deepest of healings.

This story really began the first day I walked alone to school. I remember it vividly. I was terrified to walk another step. When I reached the end of my yard, I was completely frozen, paralyzed by fear. But I knew the only way that I was going to get out of this was to take another step.

In 2001, after years of addiction, being arrested became the next step toward salvation. It was a turning point in my life. I had to unravel to get back to myself.

Figure drawing became my path. This is the thing: art is largely an exercise in self-discovery, in re-discovering the world around you with new eyes. Join me as I learn to see life and salvation through art.

Filled with over 100 color sketches and paintings.


The Last Train From Djibouti: Africa Beckons Me, But America Is My Home by Otis L. Lee Jr.

Otis Lee begins this story in the most innocuous of locations: a train from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Penn Station in New York City. But for Otis this journey brings to mind another train, from long ago and far away—representative of a past to which there can be no return. Based on the true experiences of Dr. Michelle Palmer Lee and her mentor, Dr. Harriett F. Karuhije, The Last Train From Djibouti follows two women on a life-changing adventure as they travel separately to the Motherland, determined to find Africa and themselves. What they find is nothing like what they expected. As these two women grapple with questions of identity and character, what emerges is a larger picture of what it means to undertake an “unrequited return.” Weaving entries from Michelle’s journal and Harriett’s observations together with his own research and experience, Otis depicts a microcosm of the African-American struggle to find roots in a culture that has been upended, shipped overseas, and become something new.


Trust God by Perry J. Hohman

Trust God encourages you to include God in your daily decisions and demonstrates the many ways God communicates with you. Becoming more observant, spending quiet time praying, and seeking God’s input will transform your heart and mind. Your trust will grow as you strengthen and expand relationships with the people in your life. Learn how to open your mind to how God interacts with you and live as if God is with you. Be loving, happier, kinder, more understanding, less selfish, forgiving, and communicate with God often. Trust God and feel true goodness.


Table for Two: How the sport of table tennis provides physical fitness and can add years to your life by Dean Johnson

Raconteur Dean Johnson weaves a series of interconnected events that helped him achieve success in life, love, and business. Sometimes coincidental, more often serendipitous and divinely inspired, Johnson’s stories include over 250 photos. The common thread is table tennis, the sport which he has pursued for over 60 years as a player, organizer and most recently as a promoter of the health benefits of the sport, especially for seniors. Peppered with historical anecdotes, A Table For Two shares the passion that Johnson has for life and table tennis, his friendship with legendary players, and his 2015 induction into the United States Table Tennis Hall of Fame.


46 Secrets to a Successful Marriage: The Truth About What Men and Women Really Want by Dr. April V. Martin

Who doesn’t want to get married and live happily ever after? We all know about the common things that people seek in a relationship: honesty, trust and loyalty. But doesn’t it take much more than that? Of course it does! The truth is that you need both sides to be happy and fulfilled. Men and women are naturally different and require different things, which is why Dr. April Martin got 46 perspectives from both men and women, on their most important aspects of a relationship. 46 Secrets will make you take a deeper look into your relationship, and help you see things that you may have chosen to ignore. This is not your average self-help book on marriage. Those aspiring to get married or better their relationship will love the realness and constructive passion of this book.


Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma by Johnson Chong

Author Johnson Chong explores the obstacles and triumphs of being a second-generation Asian American gay man, split between a conservative upbringing and living his truth. Follow his journey through the pangs of youth, to growing self-awareness and life-changing lessons in India and abroad. This is a courageous story of shifting old attachments of self-rejection and shame into a new paradigm of peace and unconditional love. It is about embracing our emotional fumbles and self-deprecating tendencies as opportunities for strength and growth. A unique blend of spirituality, memoir and self-help, Sage Sapien is a universal story of the underdog who steps into their authentic expression.


Just Get Up and Manifest Your Inner Genius by Isaac Miller

Abandoned by his father at the age of seven, Isaac Miller embarks upon a thirteen-year journey to fight his way out of a life of crime, drugs, mediocrity, and poverty. Using his teenage imagination and work ethic as his guide, Isaac provides for his family, including his schizophrenic mother, and fights his way to becoming an entrepreneur at the age of seventeen. Through his story, Isaac demonstrates how you can start with nothing and still live your dreams. Just Get Up teaches you how to capture your own life’s dreams through exposing your inner genius. This guided tour of self-development will teach you how to unlock your life’s true treasures. It will appeal to all people seeking a real-life inspirational story of overcoming adversities. Along your journey you will find The Limelight Spot Effect, The 27-Month Plan, and The Octagon Way as you build your own success through his Just Get Up program. Isaac invites you to Just Get Up and tap into your unlimited potential as you discover your inner genius one chapter at a time.


The Courage to Be You by Cheryne Blom

Author Cheryne Blom helps you develop authentic happiness. She guides you into the delicate layers of your unconscious world to reveal what is at the core of self-doubt, self-pity and self-sabotage. Blom identifies a duality between two sides to the personality- the Ego-Self and the Authentic Essence that can either work against or in harmony with each other. You will learn what is at the core of your fear. How to get your Ego-self unstuck. How to dissolve self-limiting beliefs and connect to an inner fountain of Self-love. How to flip your fear mindset into a faith mindset. Blom’s “Happiness Formula” explains how to navigate stressful or challenging situations to ensure you are responding from your calm self rather than your fear. With this book you will learn the courage to be you.


It’s So Silly I Can Read It by Ms. Karen Pollard and Robot G.

We have all heard “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, but did you know that laughter can also be the best teacher?

When we laugh more…We Feel Better! We Think Better! We Become Better!

It’s So Silly I Can Read It teaches the alphabet through alliteration, with outrageous characters and  vibrant illustration.

So, let the learning and laughter begin!


Friends of the Library by Susan Cushman

WHEN ADELE COVINGTON becomes an author in her sixties, she goes on a book tour to speak to the Friends of the Library groups in ten small towns in her home state of Mississippi. Chasing her personal demons through the Christ-haunted South of her childhood, Adele befriends an eclectic group of wounded people and decides to tell their stories. From Eupora to Meridian, from a budding artist with an abusive husband to a seven-year-old with a rare form of cancer, each story contains elements of hope and healing and honors the heart, soul, and history of the Magnolia State.


Letters to Pat: A Year in the Life of a Vietnam Marine by Bill Eshelman

Letters to Pat chronicles the day by day events of Bill Eshelman, a young Marine Captain writing home to his wife. Hoping to command a U.S. infantry company in combat, Eshelman is instead ordered to advisory duty with a Vietnamese Marine battalion. The ensuing months present new challenges: dealing with US headquarters, the Vietnamese way of doing things and contact with the enemy. Military history buffs will relate to the major battles described. Letters to Pat offers details in what the author believed was necessary to be a successful military advisor, in particular his relationship with his Vietnamese counterparts. “I make no attempt to buy my way into their friendship other than to accept them for who they are, eat their food, live with them, and help with advice when they ask for it . . . and when they need US support, give them everything I can get!”