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Simon Says Play It Safe! by Regina Marscheider


Meet Simon: A cute little green character who empowers children to use their inner voice so they can safely navigate their world. In Simon Says . . . Play It Safe, Simon walks alongside Doug and Lori as they encounter some potentially unsafe situations. Simon helps Lori and Doug recognize their intuition so that they can use it to advocate for themselves and make good choices.


Helping children learn about their inner voice and giving them the tools they need to describe their feelings are important skills, which are often overlooked. It is vital that children are provided this language from a young age so that they can be empowered to speak up when something is amiss.


In Simon Says . . . Play It Safe, Lori and Doug are given numerous safety messages with the most important message being how to protect their own body. Join us in this exciting journey and help empower your child, too!



Dr. Darla by Jo Ellen Layne

Dr. Darla is a compelling story about mental health issues, faith, and overcoming obstacles. Christian psychiatrist Darla Davenport struggles with her private demons as she counsels and treats her patients. Her patients wrestle realistically with depression, schizophrenia, and narcissistic personality disorder, and one ends up on trial for her life because of temporal lobe seizures. This novel emphasizes the often-misunderstood relationship between Christianity and psychiatry, which work together to create healing and redemption.








Controller: The United Nations Inside and Out by Sergei Shishkin

Controller is the story of a new staff member coming to the UN Secretariat from the Soviet government service. His exploration of the new surroundings from the conference halls of the famous UN building in Manhattan to places far away from public eyes. You will travel with the author to Golan Heights, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Eritrea and other troublesome corners of the planet. You will find out what the UN does in different areas of the world. From economic assistance to peacekeeping to humanitarian assistance to international criminal justice. Told from the unique perspective of the UN’s internal auditor.