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The global disruption caused by the pandemic, climate change, technology, and new customer expectations is unparalleled. Overnight, entire economies, education systems, and social infrastructures came to a grinding halt. Nowadays, many companies, organizations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs face the test of redefining their strategy in a short time frame. As widespread crisis lurks as our ever-present reality, the question arises of how to develop new systems and societies that possess the resilience needed to thrive under uncertain conditions.

As we know, creativity doesn’t always arrive like a lightbulb switching on in our heads. It requires a better understanding of the problem you want to solve and all elements involved. Unsettled Disruption provides a systematic process to consider external factors, your industry’s chances of disruption, and the pillars that would help you build your strategy. This practical guide combines the concepts, tools, and dozens of proven business cases and stories from the author’s experience.



The attacks changed everything. Life would never be the same.

So much carnage, and yet the enemy was never seen. Not even once. The truth is, humanity had no chance. You can’t fight what you can’t see.

Sam tries to return to a normal life after the attacks end, but constant reminders and paranoia feed the need for protection at all times. The desire to run, that internal voice triggering the urgency to escape this harsh world, is very real. Now an ill-fated camping trip will show Samantha just how deep the peril goes. Swept up in a new reality, she gains a deeper understanding of the way the world operates. For Sam, there is no returning to her old life. Sam is now Chosen.

Follow Samantha as she weaves a wild path around a mystery and a budding romance-and as the prophecy of an ancient race becomes solid truth.



“On 4 October 1966, a C7-A Caribou airplane flying through blinding cloud cover crashed into Hon Cong Mountain near the base camp of the 1st Air Cavalry Division at An Khe. There were thirty-one people aboard the aircraft, an air crew of four along with twenty-seven passengers. Thirteen people died in the crash. I was one of the survivors.”

Joe Tedeschi lives his experience with you in A Rock in the Clouds. Taking you through the life events that led to that fateful day, he describes the horror of the crash and relates the aftermath of recovering from his injuries and continuing his life as a career Army officer. As his journey reveals his faith-based purpose and destiny, he hopes to bring hope and inspiration to other Vietnam-era veterans, their families, and people of faith.



Have you noticed that when women reach a certain age, they no longer care what people think of what they say or do? Allison’s three great-aunts have reached that age.

Having been told by her father how awful her great-aunts are, Allison is shocked when she is asked to chauffer her three intelligent, wild family members on a road trip. Throughout their journey, Allison learns the life story of each: their versions of why they are who they are now-not who her father told her they were. In so doing, Allison gains insight into her own life and family.

Travel with the Aunts is an on-the-road, rollicking novel filled with intrigues and adventures, personal discoveries and shared heartaches, shockingly funny incidents, and descriptions of a profoundly beautiful country: America. Mostly, it’s a story about coming home to the truth about yourself, and being fine with it.



In this fourth installment of Nathan Aguinaga’s memoirs, he addresses the growing political divide in the United States of America. Nearly twenty years ago, after spending the first half of his life as a Democrat in a family of Democrats, Nathan became a member of the Republican Party. A Middle America supporter of Donald Trump, he explains how his beliefs affected relationships with his family and some of his friends and shares his thoughts on the real cause of the nation’s turmoil over the past four to five years.



It’s hardly newsworthy when a man walks out on his family. But it’s rather unusual for a mother to walk out, leaving the father to bring up their sixteen-year-old daughter-and downright scandalous for said Irish Catholic mother to move into the house next door to start a new life with a bunch of hot male students at the age of sixty.

No one can accuse Diane Danvers Simmons of telling a familiar story. Instead she offers a wickedly witty, candid, irreverent, British coming-of-age story with a fresh take on maternal abandonment. In My Mother Next Door she shares the life lessons learned growing up in the revolutionary 1970s while her narcissistic mother charted her own unfathomable course to independence and freedom.

After living in America for decades and becoming a mother herself, Diane journeys back through the madness of her early years, coming to terms with a comical, painful family history, but also celebrating the strength and humor it has given her to face the absurdity of life. In trying to understand what drove her mother to become the woman next door, Diane discovers new respect, love, and even forgiveness: the root of our humanity.



“When people ask why I joined the Coast Guard, I respond that I was twenty-two, blond, and fit. In most military services that is guaranteed sexual harassment. Why not join the one with the ocean breeze?”

Caroline’s journey from enlisted Coast Guard member to CIA analyst includes boot camp, Hamptons yachters named Gary, meaning making in Guantanamo Bay, and a session with a Veterans Affairs-assigned therapist who has fourteen cats, one of which cures migraines. She takes you from serious topics of sexual harassment and suicide to laughing about how her predator’s moment to make her prey was oddly interrupted. You are a fly on the wall during her botched FBI polygraph and will be scratching your head about her CIA classmate who U-turns during their surveillance-detection training like she just saw a sign for a sale at Macy’s.



When Skeeter Ellington doesn’t show up for happy hour one Friday afternoon, his drinking buddies fear something is wrong. Skeeter never misses Friday happy hour. Besides, there’s little else to do in Preston but drink beer, go fishing, grow pot, or play golf. His buddies Boot, Perch, and Mervin know they must do something.

Across town, Hazel Owens struggles to keep a music studio above water, and now her significant other, Dr. Carol Baxley, isn’t responding to texts or calls. When a murdered woman is found early one morning in a car at the Urgent Care where Carol works, Hazel’s worry turns into dread.

Sgt. Barbara Lowrie of the Preston police, a strong-willed Lumbee Indian who has overcome much to climb the ranks, throws herself into the case. She finds a tangled web of hatred, misogyny, and possible criminal collusion within the force. Is the murdered woman connected to Carol Baxley? Are the disappearances of Skeeter and Carol connected? And who is the threatening stranger in town she’s heard about? The Hip Shot pulls all these threads together, leading to one exciting conclusion.