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The Marksman: A Knight’s Tale by Dominic Pistritto

Excalibur has been discovered in the hands of a deadly terrorist organization, the Souls of Death. Recovered by Lincoln Thaw and his best friend, Thomas, who almost killed the organization’s leader in the process, the legendary sword falls under close scrutiny, and an incredible discovery is unearthed: a gateway to a new plane of existence containing multiple, concurrent realities.

When Raheem, the heir apparent of the Souls of Death, infiltrates the lab, he also finds more than he expected in an encounter with the goddess of life, known only as “the Aura.” Given the ability to teleport, Raheem begins killing at random, and the president calls upon Lincoln Thaw to combat this enraged foe. With the help of an elusive scientist, Lincoln undertakes a supernatural battle for victory—in which wills will be tested and fears will be confronted in a clash of technology versus divinity.


Through the Waters and the Wild by Greg Fields

“I was hungry, seeing myself starving for want of something I could not define. I sought it constantly, sought it at every turn, searched every face I met for hints of it, looked everywhere I could conceive. I lost time trying to slake this unquenchable thirst, trying to satisfy an endlessly burning hunger. But in the end I knew precisely what I had been after all along. It is the folly of the young, part of their particular curse, to be so unaware, to be blind as well as hungry. To be in exile from themselves and not know they are away.”

Haunted by lost loves and limping through a lifeless career, Conor Finnegan’s discontent mirrors the restlessness of his grandfather Liam, caught as a young man in the crossfire of the Irish Civil War. Drawing from Liam’s wisdom and courage, Conor seeks to reinvent his character and reclaim passions made numb by neglect and loss.

Through the Waters and the Wild addresses the timeless questions, “Where shall I go now? What shall I do?”


Food Fight Club by Rosalyn Sheehy

Rosalyn is an Irish lawyer with a bee in her bonnet. Rosalyn’s first book on bulimia, Loopy Loo, an autobiographical story poem on how she beat bulimia was published in 2016.

Rosalyn aims to shed some sunlight on a taboo topic, helping sufferers open up and get professional help. Rosalyn knows recovery is accompanied with a shed load of shame and awkwardness. Food Fight Club, based on the premise of the movie, is the ultimate rule book on recovery! The whole world doesn’t need to know about your recovery, just a select, fun few. We do not talk about Food Fight Club! Support groups are anonymous. Seeking help doesn’t need to be terrifying once you become a fierce fighter.

Twenty graphic illustrated rules are to be followed meticulously, and Rosalyn promises powerful results. Once the sufferer adopts an active, rather than passive role and pulls the bull by the horns, they find the beauty and bliss of recovery. Food Fight Club also contains very useful worksheets at the back. If you suffer from Bulimia or know someone that does, you need this book!


A Busy Leader’s Guide for Caring Leadership by Joe Dicianno

There are many books out there on the concepts of leadership, the behaviors that impact leadership, and even the practices one can utilize to be a better leader. The reality for most leaders in today’s workforce is that they are too busy to spend hours reading these different books and digesting the depth of content within. In order to address this gap, The Busy Leader’s Guide to Caring Leadership can be read in short segments by setting aside just minutes per day, can be read during a business trip, can be easily stored in your vacation, beach, or hiking bag, and is small and cheap, so it can be purchased en masse to share throughout the leadership of an organization, company, or team.

With the aid of The Busy Leader’s Guide to Caring Leadership, you will develop your ability to show that you care for and about others in the workplace, helping you become a better leader, capable of executing the principles of caring leadership day in and day out. Caring leadership creates a team and staff that brings their best selves to work every day-out of choice, not necessity.


Conflict Management in Healthcare: Creating a Culture of Cooperation by Garry McDaniel

A central principle of the healthcare profession is caring for others: do no harm. Yet in healthcare settings, the level of conflict among healthcare professionals and administrators is rampant. As a result, patient care suffers, and poor communication, bullying, hazing, harassment, and incivility is often widespread and tolerated in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and clinics across the world. Conflict Management in Healthcare: Creating a Culture of Cooperation explains how to create an organizational culture and develop the interpersonal skills to turn everyday conflict into opportunities for enhancing interpersonal, team, and organizational relationships and patient care.


The Atlantean Constellation by Cassidy Greenberg

One might think that Cassiopeia, as an Atlantean goddess, was raised in a world of perfection and nobility, but that is far from the truth. She has a unique gift: she can kill other gods with ease, and without repercussion. Though her father attempts to control her and take full advantage of her gifts in his war games, her power is beyond even his primordial understanding. Now, struggling to reconcile her own desires as a goddess of justice with the desires of those around her, she must discover who she is destined to become.


Speak Well and Prosper by Frank DiBartolomeo, Jr.

Your success in life is largely determined by your social skills-by your ability to interact positively and effectively with others and ensure their cooperation. This interaction is greatly dependent on presenting your ideas to your direct reports, colleagues, and superiors in a cogent, clear, and convincing manner. This is where Speak Well and Prosper: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Better Presentations comes in. This book


  • covers all aspects of presentation preparation and delivery, the future of public speaking, and tips for specific speaking situations.
  • takes a conversational approach to teaching the fundamentals of great public speaking.
  • addresses methods to reduce the fear of public speaking, what to do after you have your presentation topic, and how to practice your delivery.
  • provides “calls to action” after every chapter that will significantly improve your public speaking ability and thus increase your ability to influence others.

Earl Nightingale once said, “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.” Prepare yourself with Speak Well and Prosper. When your opportunity comes, and it always does, you will be ready to shine! YOU CAN DO IT!


All This Was Mission by S. J. Cunningham

“The water swirled around her, and she reached her hand toward the distorted surface. The faces faded, and then reappeared. Hands seemed to be reaching for her, as if to pull her back, but they never quite reached her, or slipped quietly through her, as if she were made of water herself.”

Madeline has made a lot of mistakes-in her marriage and her life-and has paid dearly for them. Her teenaged children have disowned her, her parents are disappointed and embarrassed, and her sister thinks that she needs spiritual help. Worst of all, her soon-to-be ex-husband is hell-bent on destroying her life and her relationships.

When she finds herself on a plane to a mysterious tropical resort called Ashrama with a group of strangers, all with their own problems, she isn’t sure she’ll ever make it back home again. At first Ashrama seems like paradise, but soon the paradise starts to feel more like a prison. Her trinity of hosts appears to have an ulterior motive for their guests’ visit, and Madeline must figure out what they intend for her.

Ashrama holds many secrets, and in the end, as in the beginning, this place is not what it seems. But neither is Madeline.