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Reflections of My Life by Paul Kuypers

Reflections of My life is an autobiography of my life so far. Perhaps a short one, but certainly a very intense and a very real one, making me the man I am proud to be today-proud of what I have been through, as each experience was a life lesson destined to be on my path.




Digital Life by Mark Sievewright and Guillermo Kopp

How will the financial services industry prevail over the most significant challenge in its history? Simply put, it will rapidly become digital. To fast forward, Digital Life will inspire industry leaders with a comprehensive and compelling vision to shape the future.

To compete and remain relevant, financial firms will need to adopt digital technologies at an ever-increasing pace. New demand for online access, digital collaboration, and immediate response will cause a shift towards more digital interactions, especially given the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this digital era of financial services, firms will have to shift their focus to provide exceptional and ultra-personalized experiences. What aspects of transformation will Digital Life uncover? Nine primary areas, as wave after wave of innovation, advances in intelligent digital interactions, demographic shifts, and industry consolidation will combine to create a new business and operating model for financial services.

Chilly Winds by Brooks Birdwell Yeager

Taz Blackwell, former environmental negotiator and now a trouble-seeking drinker and romantic charmer, tries to find a new life and love against a backdrop of espionage, corporate plunderers, and devious diplomats.

Escaping a failed marriage, Taz moves to the island of Chincoteague on Virginia’s Atlantic Coast, where he explores friendships with a cast of small-town misfits and romance with a beautiful but wary divorcee. Meanwhile, he fights a corporate land grab on the shore and a shady billion-dollar mining play in the international Arctic.

Why is a Chinese mining conglomerate stealing the land underneath a traditional black community on Virginia’s Eastern Shore? Why is the Russian ambassador to Iceland trying to open southern Greenland to mining? Why does Taz interest the ambassador’s beautiful mistress? The answers are in Chilly Winds, a tour de force that will appeal to mystery lovers, adventure addicts, and espionage fans everywhere.

As Far as Birds Can Fly by Linda High Oatman

First there was Bird. Then there was Bird-Bird. And now, Third Bird. Magnolia’s daddy won the beloved cockatiel Third Bird at a carnival, just before he died in a car accident. Magnolia promised to always take good care of Third Bird . . . but then she loses him, when she accidentally allows the bird to fly from his cage at her mama’s beauty salon.

Magnolia’s grief, for her father and for her lost bird, opens up a whole new world of friends as they search not only for Third Bird, but for acceptance and healing for all. Helping her mama to see that physical beauty is not important (even in a family that comes from “a long line of beauty queens”), Magnolia becomes the star of her small Southern town as she finds hope and light in the healing of her grief and learns that sometimes when you go looking for one thing, you find what you really need.

Unmasking Manipulation: Maneuvering the Undertow with Shrewdness and Innocence by Meredith Wesley

The surface appears safe and serene. The sea offers a coolness and tranquility that is difficult to refuse, so you trust yourself to the waters. At first, it is invigorating. Then, suddenly, you find yourself sucked under by an unexpected pull. The undertow is powerful. Before you realize what is happening, you are too far from shore to get back. You find every bit of your strength is being used to keep from being permanently sucked under. Your plight looks hopeless, your cries stifled by the roaring waves. It is time to engage the unrelenting force. You must learn to shrewdly maneuver against the current.

Unmasking Manipulation takes you along the pathway through the complex and surreptitious snares of manipulation. It helps you uncover the deceptive tactics attacking the very foundations of your identity with pomp, eloquence, and rhetoric. It then goes on to explain why each tactic works so well and what you can do to battle against it with the stronger weapon of truth. By rediscovering the power of objective judgment, you can develop the confidence you need to engage this battle of the mind with integrity, strength, and effectiveness. If you are being repeatedly duped and are helpless to know how to stop it, enter the journey as an epic quest. It may be your only real hope.