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Köehler Books is now offering crowdfunding support to authors who want to raise money for their book projects.

Self-publishing or co-publishing a book can be expensive. Often times, writers have great material, but they lack the resources to have their manuscript professionally edited, designed, printed and distributed. Several Koehler Books authors have overcome that financial hurdle through crowdfunding. 

Often book crowdfunding projects will be tied to non-fiction self-help books that are seen as doing something to improve the world or make it better. But even works of fiction can have successful crowdfunding campaigns, using online services such as Go Fund Me, Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

“Not every author is cutout for doing a crowdfunding campaign,” says Koehler Books publisher John Koehler. “Not only do you have to have an excellent book, your website and social media need to be solid, with a strong list of followers who will respond to your campaign. Plus you need to write a perfectly balanced narrative in the campaign to attract people to your cause. And of course there’s the relentless entrepreneur you need to bring to the table. The authors who succeed know how to push hard and win.”

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