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Dave Chesson, an avid book marketer and creator of Kindlepreneur.com, provides a collection of publishing and book marketing knowledge so that authors can get their books seen. In his article 30 Book Publishing Companies For Authors Without Agents, Chesson compiles a list of 30 recommended and proven book publishing companies that accept proposals directly from new authors with no agent needed. 


Claiming a spot on the list as one of the best book publishing companies for authors without agents is Koehler Books. Our listing includes the following:

  • Two publishing models: 1) Traditional model for experienced and agented authors with good sales. 2) Hybrid/co-publishing for new and emerging authors who need help and coaching.
  • A wide array of genres, including memoirs, military, Business, Fiction, self-help mystery, thriller young adult and women
  • Submission guidelines
  • They do not accept previously published books
  • Fill out their submissions form and expect to hear back within 1-2 weeks
  • View their home page
  • Virginia Beach, VA

All in all, Kindlepreneur prepares authors with all the information they need to start their potential publishing journey with Koehler Books.

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