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Cevin Bryerman is a friend who happens to be the publisher at Publishers Weekly (PW), the most respected pub in the book business.

Cevin reached out to me a few weeks back and told me I should put an ad in their upcoming issue about business. He had noticed that we had published quite a few biz books and thought we might want to celebrate that.

He was right.

I told their Account Director Ian Littauer to give me first right-hand page and I’d buy the ad. He did and I did. Boom.
We’ve done ads with PW before, and it is always a good feeling. This one even more so, I think because we had not really stopped to appreciate our success until Cevin nudged me.

Sometimes you don’t know how well you are doing until others point it out. Thanks Cevin.

I’m showing the entire spread with the PW Contents page on the left and our ad on the right, in context. Here we go…
Ad text:

For more than a decade, Koehler Books has partnered with leadership authors who have remarkable stories and golden nuggets of wisdom.

Our stable of writers include chief exec-utives, military leaders, entrepreneurs, business and athletic coaches, marketers, healthcare professionals, and non-profit executives.

The books we have published with them have informed and inspired tens of thou-sands of readers worldwide.
Regardless of the business you are in, we are here to help you share your story with the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love John