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Two Koehler Books authors, Ed Zier and Dr. Troy Hall, co-authored a blog post:


As I penned my way through the drafting of Undaunted, a key business aspect of Baseline was becoming more and more apparent – that my colleagues’ reaction to the horrors on 9/11 and their resolve to quickly rebuild the company was driven by more than just human instinct. Despite the utter horror that rained down on the people of Baseline, I witnessed the company’s strong corporate culture take center stage.

To this day I remain deeply saddened over the loss of our four colleagues. However, I also credit the team-orientation, fortitude and caring attitudes of our associates for the lives saved that day and the incredible resurrection of the business within weeks of the tragedy. The team’s performance appeared to exceed the sum of its parts. Culture proved to be a cohesive force.

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On September 11, 2001, sixteen employees of Baseline Financial Services remained on the seventy-seventh and seventy-eighth floors of Two World Trade Center not knowing that a second plane targeting the towers was about to crash directly into their offices. Twelve would survive.

These twelve would band together with all of Baseline’s employees to heroically rebuild the business in the ensuing weeks while simultaneously mourning the loss of four friends. Undaunted is a true story of bravery, despair, and fortitude. It intertwines an informative business narrative of how Baseline grew to be the envy of its industry and how its corporate culture influenced its employees’ reaction to the events of the day and the weeks that followed.

Undaunted is about leadership and facing adversity. While 9/11 itself stunningly did not derail Baseline, an interesting twist of fate soon beset the company. This is their story.


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