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June 18, 2022 – Publisher John Koehler’s artwork FIRST LANDING won the Most Creative award at the Virginia Beach Art Center – home of The Artists Gallery Focal Local art show.

Koehler created this piece FOR this show, as he had just the right surfing girl photo from a recent shoot of the talented local model Caroline Langdon. She wore various gowns during the shoot, including this gorgeous piece, hiked up so she could hang ten.
The key was adding the two Virginia Beach lighthouses.
The pirate theme was a natural direction, as was adding the dolphin, turtle and shark. The plane was also a must, even though he knew that city elders might not like the message. 😜
Koehler did this piece right before his art show on June 18. This piece has pushed him into a series of Girl Power artworks!
To view his complete portfolio, go to http://www.koehlerartworks.com/