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from Health Journal

Written by Brandy Centolanza

In a world where unrealistic body standards are constantly on display on social media, author Kimberly King is working to promote healthy body image in children in her newest book.

“Finding Your Fit: A kid-to-kid guide to fitness, food, and feelings,” focuses on wellness and self-esteem when it comes to eating and exercising. King, who lives in Virginia Beach, Va., collaborated on the book with her daughter Gabby as well as with fitness and nutrition expert Jim White of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, which is based in South Hampton Roads.

The book, published last year by Virginia Beach-based Koehler Books, takes young readers on a journey “through real-life scenarios and kid-friendly talking points as experienced, perceived and inspired by main character Gabby,” King explains. “What is unique about this story is that it is told through the voice of Gabby and is full of kid-friendly language. We wanted to write a book that would help kids start off on the right foot and find a way to health and wellness from the very beginning.”


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