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These Conversation Tips About Mental Health Could Help Change Someone’s Life


Starting a family conversation about mental health is just as important as a conversation about physical health.


By Madeline Merinuk


Mental health is not only something that should be top of mind for you, but it’s good to consider when looking out for friends and family as well. One in five Americans experiences a mental illness in any given year and about 10 million Americans live with a serious mental illness, so there’s no reason to be shy about starting the conversation. But still, if you’re having trouble knowing where to start, these conversations tips about mental health could seriously come in handy.

Dan Pelino, a mental health advocate and author of Trusted Healers, joined former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy on The Dr. Oz Show on Oct. 28, 2019 and explained how to approach the conversation about mental health, and how to prevent issues in the future.

Start a Conversation Without Shame or Blame

According to Pelino, one of the main things to keep in mind while starting any conversation that addresses mental health is to eliminate any trace of shame or blame in your tone and to approach the topic carefully. If you are struggling with mental health issues yourself, Pelino says that you have to make a personal commitment to yourself in order to see results, and the desire to treat the issue has to come from within.


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