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Victorian Stillness

by Kip Langton

Established in Upstate New York in 1808, Fraser Settlement has been passed down from one generation to the next. It is now Jeanne’s turn to carry on the tradition in a satirically strange modern landscape. She hopes to pass the property down to her grandson, Oscar, but, unfortunately, it’s the end of an era. Fraser Settlement faces enormous economic and societal problems, and as Jeanne’s devoted “family” ages out, Jeanne finds herself at the mercy of a younger and unreliable (almost nonexistent) workforce. For the first time in Fraser Settlement’s history, the property owner must resort to hiring caretakers. Unqualified, Lez and Rudge move upstate from New York City to become Jeanne’s supposed safety net. To Oscar, they represent the decay of modern society. And throughout their tenure as property managers, Oscar sees his pride in the land become hate for those who want to take advantage of it. Victorian Stillness delves deeply into the life and death of an American property.

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