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Travel with the Aunts

by Barbara Linsley

Have you noticed that when women reach a certain age, they no longer care what people think of what they say or do? Allison’s three great-aunts have reached that age. Having been told by her father how awful her great-aunts are, Allison is shocked when she is asked to chauffer her three intelligent, wild family members on a road trip. Throughout their journey, Allison learns the life story of each: their versions of why they are who they are now—not who her father told her they were. In so doing, Allison gains insight into her own life and family. Travel with the Aunts is an on-the-road, rollicking novel filled with intrigues and adventures, personal discoveries and shared heartaches, shockingly funny incidents, and descriptions of a profoundly beautiful country: America. Mostly, it’s a story about coming home to the truth about yourself, and being fine with it.

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