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The Wounds the Bind Us

by Joanna Baughman

Is your impression of godliness sitting quietly in church, resisting any outward expression of negative emotions? Does Jesus strike you as cool, calm, and collected despite the imperfection that surrounded him daily? If so, you might be missing the bigger picture. Fully human and fully God, Jesus came into our world and experienced its beauty—as well as its pain. Jesus expressed emotion (even at church), and yet he was perfect. The way he loved changed history. What if acknowledging and feeling painful emotions could drive deeper, more authentic connections with God and others? What if it could actually help us love like Jesus? In The Wounds That Bind Us, Joanna explores the emotional suffering Jesus endured and offers insight into how managing negative emotions productively can empower us to connect more deeply with God, identify necessary changes, and live a more courageous and purposeful life.

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