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The Problem with Men

by Dr. Ronald F. Levant

Why do men commit acts of violence, struggle to talk about their emotions, misuse their power, or take risks with their health? The Problem with Men offers the surprising answer. Dr. Ron Levant, a world-renowned psychologist, has spent his career trying to understand men like his abusive father as well as his own perplexing behavior. Using his lived experience as the backdrop, Levant takes readers on a gripping and, at times, heart-breaking journey of discovery, providing a rare front-seat glimpse at acid tests, threesomes, communes, state psychiatric institutions, jails, encounter groups, therapy sessions, wayward youth programs, fatherhood courses, and men’s groups. With grace, honesty, and insight, Dr. Levant reveals his own struggles to overcome his upbringing and become a better man in his quest to help readers understand the societal forces that shape men for the better—and the worse.

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