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The Miracle Child: Traumatic Brain Injury and Me

by Kelly and Michael Lang

“Mike, this is Kristin. Kelly and the girls were in a car accident,” the recording from my answering machine says in the stillness of my home. I hold my breath and wait for the next line, telling me, “but everyone is all right.” It never comes... Kelly and Michael Lang, share their alternating and unique thoughts over the days and years following a tragic car incident that fractured their family and their lives. Imagine parents with two young children, the husband recently laid off, and saddled with a mortgage on a brand-new house, when the family’s minivan is hit and forced through an intersection by a reckless driver. Their lives are altered forever but the family commits to each other through various hardships over 15 years, encouraged when a pediatric neurologist calls their three-year daughter, “The Miracle Child”. The Miracle Child: Traumatic Brain Injury and Me demonstrates persistence, faith, acceptance and above all, the commitment of family.

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