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The Adjustable Lives of Women

by Sharon Paskoff

Have you ever searched for hope when hope is hard to find? Candice Bartlett hosts an entertaining radio talk show, "The Adjustable Lives of Women", and confronts her producer with unsettling show ideas, but she doesn't back down. Women calling the show define resilience, telling stories about sadness, PTSD, family challenges, prescription mental-health medication gone mad, and heart-wrenching grief, the death of their child. Rooted in Southern-belle charm, menopause misery, and dueling personalities, Paskoff provides a humorous respite from everyday chaos, loneliness, and fear. Candice is flawed to perfection, trying to balance her life while on shaky ground. Women will appreciate seeing themselves in "The Adjustable Lives of Women", finding comfort in the fact that they are not alone. Candice, with discomfort by her side, works toward resilience. "The Adjustable Lives of Women" is packed with struggle and hope, applauding women and their lives.

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