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Summer Skies, the Road Ahead

by Rolf Wicks

One night just before summer break, Tor Bergman, a bewildered college sophomore, receives an unexpected invitation from striking coed Connie St. Louis. She wants to hitchhike across the country from Ohio to Washington, through Canada to Alaska, and back in just seventy-eight days. Tor hardly knows Connie. Why agree to such a crazy undertaking? Call it infatuation, a call from the collective unconscious, or perhaps an innate desire to complete the hero’s journey, but Tor agrees and sets out with Connie on their epic adventure. Backpacking across America, the duo meets all kinds of fascinating new people each day and witness a beauty and splendor of the countryside that’s as varied as the weather. Along with his opinionated traveling partner, Tor soaks in the zen events of everyday life, learns about accepting oneself and others despite personal complications, and discovers a spiritual side to life. The summer of 1970 will be one Tor never forgets—and not just because of the skinny-dipping.

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