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Strings Attached

by Laurinel Owen

She arrived with her cello on Christmas Day in apartheid South Africa. From the stage she saw him. They met and were rarely apart. It was bliss until he invited her to the family vacation home. She knocked, and his wife opened the door. He followed her back to America where they married and lived together for 22 years. Upon his death his daughter announced, “My parents were never divorced.” He was a bigamist, who had bilked her of thousands of dollars, and was the son of a Nazi murderer who fled the U.S. because the FBI accused him of being Head of the American Gestapo. “Strings Attached” reveals the author’s self-deception and the high price she paid for her denial. Far worse than the lawsuit on three continents was the shame, guilt and anxiety over her part in this real-life drama. Though music was an anchor, she healed through various traditional and nontraditional modalities. Her story will inspire anyone who has loved, been betrayed, and is seeking recovery and support.

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