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Smooch’s World (We Just Lived in It)

by Kristan Shimpi

In 2013, Kristan Shimpi turned forty. She was a parent of two school-age children, and she and her husband were trying to decide if their family was complete. They could never get on the same page about more children. Kristan had a strong desire to nurture. So, in six months, she collected four chickens, two cats, and a puppy named Smooch. Smooch’s tongue was so big that it did not fit into her mouth, and she used that tongue to smooch everyone she met. Smooch was a bullmastiff, a breed that was supposed to be calm, not need a lot of exercise, and really easy to train. Smooch was the total opposite. She was one-hundred-percent love and not a good listener. She taught their family that love can be accepting and unconditional. This book includes anecdotes of Smooch’s life with Kristan’s family. It was not a long life, but it was full of so many adventures and memories that she will cherish forever.

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