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by Cindy DeFuria

Saturday is a take on the classic movie “Mean Girls”, but has the unique twists and turns of a suspense novel. Each page introduces you deeper to the main characters and the understanding of their personalities and challenges. Saturday covers a wide range of topics that teenagers face, dysfunctional families, bullies, and everyday issues that test their faith and strength. Saturday takes the reader on a journey with Jessica, 17, whose normal life is about to be turned upside down when her mother leaves her abusive father in California and takes the kids for a writing job in NYC. Jessica being 17, is faced with the dilemma of having to leave her friends, school, and the life she has been accustomed to. Jessica is challenged by Macy, the antagonist, who takes Jessica down a dangerous road of jealousy, turmoil, and hanging on to the edge of your seat drama. Jessica will have to rely on her inner strength, faith, and old friends to guide her through. Will she become the heroine, or just be another victim of Macy’s vengeance on anyone who challenges her?

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