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Redemption: Blood, Brothers and Badges

by Brian Francis Ellis III

Tommy Spenser, a decorated combat veteran and narcotics cop born into a family of cops, is a functioning addict, hooked on daily cocktails of Oxycontin, whiskey, and self-loathing—and his cancer is back. But everything changes when Tommy is summoned to a domestic call down the street from a drug bust. Claire Samuels-Hewitt is a shell of her former self, but Tommy sees something in her—or perhaps it’s the other way around. The two lean on each other for support, and an unlikely romance blossoms. Then a hit against the Washington family drug syndicate turns his world upside down: all clues point to somebody in Tommy’s family. As Tommy puts the pieces together and learns the truth about those closest to him, he must also come face-to-face with Claire’s past and his own demons. At its core, Redemption is a story about survivor’s guilt, PTSD, abuse, alcoholism, and recovery—but it is also about brotherhood, the inseparable bonds between soldiers, cops, and families, and the healing power of forgiveness.

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