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On the Brink

by Michael A. Sisti

At age 11, Dave Powers concludes a profitable, but mistake-ridden venture selling illegal fireworks. It leaves him brimming with confidence and captivated by the promise of entrepreneurship. Over the next few years, a series of tragic events strands him alone in the world, shattering his comfort zone. Now in his late teens, Dave must learn to navigate life’s challenges in basic survival, business, and love relationships. Discovering his newfound creative skills, he enters the advertising world during the Mad Men era, experiencing the excesses of nepotism, alcohol consumption, and the exploitation of women, as he struggles to find his way. Based on true events, On the Brink take you on a dizzying ride from the bustle of Manhattan to the bucolic Adirondack Mountains and back to the frenzied madness of the city. The story travels through the 50s, 60s, and beyond, punctuated by catastrophic challenges and romantic rejection. But can Dave find the maturity to achieve his goals? Or are his scars too deep to overcome?

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