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by Antonio D'Ambrosio

All of Dameon Miles’s dreams come true when he is selected to join the elite ranks of dragon riders, who preside over and unite the six factions of Elderana with their extraordinary abilities. But his joy is short lived. Dameon faces a nation teetering on the edge of civil war. After bonding with his dragon, Dameon is thrown into a leadership role, tasked with quelling an insurgency led by a rider who was thought to have vanished. In her absence, Carma amassed a dark power rendering her capable of bending others to her will. As Dameon and his fireteam of fellow former trainees travel the nation to maintain stability, they begin to realize that Carma’s uprising has evolved into an all-out war—one that Dameon’s side is rapidly losing. Unsure who to trust, Dameon must rely on those closest to him to survive and fight to free Elderana from Carma’s clutches before it’s too late.

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