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Old House and Red Neckties

by Grace Virtue

Born into extreme poverty in the village of Old House, Jamaica, 127 years after the end of plantation slavery, Grace Virtue learns about barriers early on. Yet the equal distribution of poverty and the matter-of-fact resolve of the village women leave her unprepared for the classism, sexism, and racism she will encounter as she grows into adulthood and ventures far from home. Armed with the values learned in Old House and a dogged determination to escape poverty, Grace takes the reader through deeply complex spaces as she tries to find her place in the world while remaining true to herself. From her very first experience watching television in rural Jamaica to her time in Washington, DC, Old House and Red Neckties offers biting insights into the dynamics of race and the true barriers to justice in the US and beyond, explaining why radical courage, honesty, and authenticity are essential pillars of genuine liberation.

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