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Karma and Kismet

by Michael Shandler

Evoking Paul Theroux’s travel novels in directness, color, and observations, Karma and Kismet catapults the reader into an international and cross-cultural journey, an authentic sixties and seventies quest for meaning and place. Filled with real characters, deep human conflicts, pathos, and passion, this memoir tells a unique yet universal story about overcoming bad karma and the role of kismet, or fate, in shaping life and destiny. A deeply honest, courageous, and inspiring account, Karma and Kismet challenges readers to go beyond their comfort zones, resonating with anyone who has ever questioned their identity or their place in the world and how they might find connection and belonging. With a vivid and immersive style, Shandler effortlessly draws readers into his story, inviting them to reflect on their own life paths. “A beautifully balanced blend of heartfelt storytelling, serene narration, and meaningful dialogues . . . encouragement for self-reflection, and a celebration of acceptance . . . a heartwarming read that leaves readers with a sense of joy and introspection.” ––Literary Titan Five Star Gold Award

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