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Green Forest, Red Earth, Blue Sea

by Jim Gulledge

In "Green Forest, Red Earth, Blue Sea", amid the rugged terrain of North Carolina, a small pocket watch bears witness to the loves and losses of three families—the Kellers, Elliotts, and McClures. As the heirloom passes down over a hundred years, questions arise. Can strength and goodness be gifted to one’s heirs? What about corruption and evil? Do the lives of ancestors have any bearing on those who come after them? From Reconstruction to the modern age, this sweeping family saga speaks to what binds families together and tears them apart. Powers of darkness and light fight for the minds and hearts of every individual. In a land of beauty populated by Scots Irish pioneers, cotton farmers, Native Americans, fishermen, and pirates, "Green Forest, Red Earth, Blue Sea" is a chronicle of human failings and the power of redemption—and a probing narrative of which is the stronger force.

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