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From All Sides

by Al Polson

For the first time, "From All Sides" reveals the insider information for all job seekers and hiring managers. He explores the hiring process from the perspective of the job seeker, the hiring manager, hiring company and also the recruiter’s viewpoint. There is humor, never previously discussed insider details, actual stories of real-world issues in hiring. There is also great advice and motivational words of wisdom for the job seeker and hiring managers today. Today’s job market needs this now more than ever. "From All Sides" is intended to open up to both job seekers and hiring managers previously untold examples of what really goes on in the hiring process. There are real life stories that will both inform and educate all sides of the hiring process. When you read these vignettes, you will see why it is said repeatedly, “You Can’t Make This Up”. Included are extremely helpful lessons and suggestions on how to improve your chances of obtaining that “perfect job” or hiring that “perfect candidate”. Original motivational words of wisdom and noted quotes will offer encouragement and advice. This is a perfect insider’s guide to job seeking and hiring.

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