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Freedom’s Tears

by Josie Olsvig

Freedom's Tears is a sequel to the bestselling historical fiction novel Gullah Tears. As America, still a young country, struggles to remain one sovereign nation, White aristocratic planters seek to break away. The enslaved workers can do nothing but await the outcome, knowing bloodshed is certain. For the first time in history, African American troops are mustered and armed in the hope that their determination can give the North an edge despite the odds. The lives of Southerners and Northerners hang in the balance as soldiers are slaughtered by the thousands with new weapons never before seen. Amid the struggle, Americans—both White and Black—rise to the occasion, performing heroic deeds to save their people and the nation as a whole. Through the eyes of the enslaved Hentie, Big John, and others who lived through this tragic era, Freedom’s Tears transports the reader to an earlier time.

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