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Finnegan Begins Again

by Col. Brian Osterndorf, US Army (Ret.)

Lieutenant Colonel Finnegan has served in the army for twenty-four years. It’s been a remarkably unspectacular career. But now he’s transitioning out, and for once in his life, he faces a decision more important than regular vs. light beer. With no readily marketable skills, he has a series of misadventures and ends up in . . . the Army, with a big “A”—the unwieldy leviathan that recruits, trains, and supplies the little “a” army. And it’s not a great fit. In Finnegan Begins Again, you’ll meet Mamzelle Reynard, the barbecue queen of the South and the owner of Tiger Corp, a new government contractor; COL Harvey, the Army’s innovative and risk-taking program manager; “Sad Sack” Sanders, the former Army Acquisition Corps contract specialist; and a memorable collection of military veterans that save the day on a different type of battlefield.

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