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Dented Cans and Classic Cars : Reflections On a Retirement Community

by Dan Krause

What goes through an older person’s mind when they contemplate selling the house? "Dented Cans and Classic Cars" centers on Dan Krause’s experiences with moving to a retirement community and covers the entire, sometimes difficult, experience, from deciding on a move, picking a place to live, the frustrations of downsizing, and Dan Krause’s personal reactions after they moved into “the home.” "Dented Cans and Classic Cars" is about growing older and the feelings it generates in a person who spent much of his career studying the aging process. The chapters have a series of pithy comments that only a professional sociologist with a finely-honed sense of humor could make. The writing is lighthearted, often humorous, and filled with unique insights into the problems, issues, and unique perspectives that are part of getting older in America. "Dented Cans and Classic Cars" answers some questions people never thought to ask, and the email supplements in each chapter provide fascinating and intensely personal insights into the author’s thoughts.

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