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Archangels Fall

by Andrew Bryan

When the archangel Gabriel crashes down into a London Accident and Emergency department on a busy Saturday night, Grace’s already hellish shift turns into a living nightmare. Soon the spiritual sensitivity that has tortured her most of her life is revealed to be a unique gift passed down through generations—one that could save humanity. Meanwhile, having come to admire humanity’s resolve, the Damned and his dark angels prepare to defend the very beings they were tasked to lead astray. As archangel Michael’s minions descend to cleanse creation of humankind, its chief corruptor, the Damned must rally his reluctant compatriots, make hard choices, and choose a side, fast. Can an unlikely band of heroes and imperfect humans come together in time to find their salvation in the Lightbearer? Blending the grit of Game of Thrones with the supernatural flair of Good Omens, Andrew Bryan introduces us to a world of archangels and fallen angels that weave through human history closer to the mythology’s origins than ever before.

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