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Admiral Eddie: The Story of America’s Greatest Naval Aviator

by Edward O. M. Barry

Admiral Eddie: The Story of America’s Greatest Naval Aviator is the compelling series of stories relayed to the author by Eddie’s daughter, Betty. Eddie McDonnell’s rise to military hero, aviation expert, and wealthy investment banker are all chronicled. Eddie’s story is one of triumph, brought about by his indomitable spirit and his personal quest for knowledge, adventure, and success. Fishing with Hemingway, hunting with Holden, and his relationships with the Hearsts, the Rockefellers, and Juan Trippe are illuminated. Yet, it is also a story of tragedy. His losses during both World Wars, his battle with his wife’s depression and alcoholism, as well as his untimely death are all explored. Admiral Eddie offers everyone an opportunity to better understand what American exceptionalism is all about. It is a wonderful glimpse into history and a refreshing look at a member of the greatest generation.

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