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Authors are business owners. Your book is your business, and of course you want it to be successful.


Before readers can pick up your book and fall in love with it, they need to be able to find it. That’s where marketing comes in: your book needs to be seen and discovered by potential readers. Marketing is the key to your book’s success.

One of the most exciting and effective ways for your book to make a marketing splash is to enter book awards.

Here’s a tip: you don’t have to be an award winner or finalist to leverage this important marketing opportunity for your book. In fact, book awards can boost your book marketing from the very moment you enter a contest.

As soon as your book is entered, it automatically becomes an award nominee. This unlocks a treasure chest of promotional opportunities for you to capture. Ultimately, each one of these opportunities will give your work another chance to be discovered by new readers.

Right after you enter an award, this is how you can take advantage of the promotional opportunity at hand:

  1. Create a social post to share the exciting news with your followers.
  2. Update your website to reflect your “award-nominated” book.
  3. Add “Nominated for [title of book award]” to your book description everywhere it is listed for sale, including Amazon.
  4. Notify your publisher or publicist. These professionals are cheering for your book already, and they’re usually more than happy to boost your message.
  5. Share the news with your family, friends, and colleagues. Get the word out there that your book is an award nominee!

Don’t stop there. Keep sharing the exciting news. Build fanfare around your award-nominated status for your book’s success.

Every time you enter your book for an award, you automatically unlock fresh promotional opportunities to drive more readers to your book. Awards are exciting news, and you’ll find that your fans are thrilled to celebrate with you.

Leverage awards to build buzz and make your book successful. Spread the word, celebrate with your fans, and give your book every opportunity to be discovered.


About the Author

Hannah Jacobson is the founder of Book Award Pro, a technology service that automates the entire book awards process for authors, and is listed on the Koehler Books Experts page for authors to consider hiring directly.

Book Award Pro researches thousands of awards, continuously targets your perfect matches, and professionally submits your book for awards. This service creates a windfall of fresh promotional opportunities for your book every single month.

To learn more and get started with boosting your book’s success, check out Book Award Pro at: https://bookawardpro.com