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Hello Fellow Military Authors –

I want to introduce you to the Veteran’s Breakfast Club (VBC). If you’ve never heard of them, a little background will help:

The mission-guiding slogan of the VBC: “Every Veteran Has a Story.”

Their email list includes about 3,300 members whereas their US mailing list includes 6,850, with regular Zoom and social media viewership around 150 per program.

I was recently interviewed on their program by Todd DePastino, the Executive Director and Host of the show, and have connected two of our distinguished authors, George Kohn and Kelly Galvin, to do the same.


You don’t need to prepare anything—you have your stories to tell. Todd or one of his co-hosts will facilitate the conversation – and it is very informal throughout the program.

Their programs are loose and conversational with as much audience interaction and participation as possible with Todd running the show as an excellent host!

They’ve been holding these storytelling programs since 2008 and have developed them into a very proficient operation.

The Veterans Breakfast Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to gathering veterans with the public to share stories. Last year, they took events online, which allows them to bring in people from all over the world. They are also back with in-person programming now, in addition to the Zoom shows.

They send out a newsletter every week and publish a magazine quarterly: https://veteransbreakfastclub.org/magazine/

Right now, they are holding online programs every Monday night at 7pm and occasionally on Tuesday and Thursday nights, as well. On January 5, they plan to introduce a Wednesday morning 9am program, and will start scheduling next week for early 2022.

Reach out to me at rob@holdtheline.press and let me know if you’d like an introduction to the host and join current Koehler authors to be interviewed at VBC.

The link for all events is:

VBC Zoom Events
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6402618738
Meeting ID: 640 261 8738 (no password)


Please feel free to connect with Rob if you have any questions.