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Aerio Author Sales Tool

Aerio is an application that allows authors to sell print and digital versions of their Ingram-distributed titles directly on their websites, blogs, social media, etc. Authors simply setup a store on Aerio, then load the title ISBN and Aerio automatically populates all book meta data from Ingram. Set wholesale discount to determine how much Aerio will pay you. Then pull the widget text to create a store on your website or blog. Bada boom, bada bing!


Note: Aerio orders may not process for pre-order until approximately 10 days prior to the publication date.

Aerio will pay you profits based on the price and discount you set. This is over and above royalties you make through Ingram on your book sale. You don’t handle the book sales, or files or physical shipping. You act as a conduit to allow readers to buy your books.

Add multiple titles to your store.

Load your ISBN. Aerio loads all descriptions and other title info from Ingram.

Set price and discount to get your profit amount Aerio will pay you, over and above your regular royalty from the publisher.

Copy embed code onto your website, blog or social media to create a live sales store widget.


Below is an example of a live book widget.