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We are very pleased to now provide—through the good works of our friends at Title Verso—an Author Nexus. It is essentially a private portal for each author to see their cumulative sales online whenever they like.
This fulfills the rightful need of authors to see how they are doing, to check sales against their own marketing campaigns and work, and to remind themselves that they are loved by readers.
Before now the only way for our authors to get sales data was to get their quarterly royalty reports, or to nicely ask their publisher to pretty-please give some sales data. Who can resist?
Our author Buck Wyndham agreed to let us use his Author Nexus screen shot to show how amazing the AN is. Each version of his book (softcover, hardcover and Ebook) is clearly show, with cumulative sales at the top and sales for the previous month below.
Needless to say we are very pleased to present this amazing sales tool to our Koehler Books family of Authors.
Bon appetit.