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by B. Lynn Goodwin, managing editor of Writer Advice

When I submitted Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 to Koehler Books, www.koehlerbooks.com, the acquisitions editor who read it was Lynn Moon. She’d been a finalist in Writer Advice’s 2015 Flash Fiction Contest, and I still remembered her story. Small world! After she told me she’d never read another story like it and requested the whole manuscript, she took it to John Koehler, and they took a chance on it.

Always before I’d worked with an editor who made suggestions and marked up my manuscript, but she worked with me over the phone. While we did not agree on everything, she showed me lots of repetitions, especially “I” and “me” which come up in a memoir often. Thinking you might to look inside an editor’s head, I asked her for answers to these questions.

BLG: When and how did you become an editor?

LYM: One day, John Koehler asked if I’d like to be part of the Koehler Books Team. It was basically that simple. He said he knew I enjoyed helping new authors and that I might enjoy being an editor. Would give me a few extra pennies on the side and sounded interesting. I said I’d give it a try and been here ever since.

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