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Books by William Dean Patterson

  • Deathgod

    Two years ago, a car wreck killed geologist Adam Mackenzie’s wife and injured his teenage daughter, Patricia. Now, sent to an ancient Yucatan crater to monitor the drilling of a new oil well, Adam brings Patty along in the hopes of reconnecting; but mysterious forces are afoot, and they have different plans. Angered by the invasive drilling, some local Maya have decided that, in ancient sacred tradition, Patty is the ideal candidate for sacrifice to their ancient god Chaak. And visiting Canadian astrobiologist Rosalynn Ramsay adds all sorts of new complications for the smitten Adam.

    But when the drilling reaches the buried crater, something more complex—and more dangerous—than organic molecules, disgruntled locals and unexpected romance surfaces, threatening everyone.

    Deathgod is the chilling account of a man of science forced to choose between family and career as he races to protect his daughter against an inexplicable ancient power.


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Geologist turned award-winning author, William Dean Patterson found the geology of Mexico fascinating both as an undergraduate and as a graduate researcher. After earning his degree and service with Uncle Sam, he continued his study of Mexico, spending months in the Chihuahuan desert to complete his graduate research. He has explored with companies such as Unocal and Devon Energy-plus teaching at the College of Coastal Georgia-before settling down to a writing career. His breakout novel, Deathgod, was inspired both by geophysical research in Mexico's Yucatán and by the aquatic biology of the Chesapeake Bay, having attended high school in southeastern Virginia. It received the best novel award in 2011 from the Southeastern Writer's Association. A feature columnist for his college newspaper, Patterson is an active member of the Dramatists Guild and has been a member of many scientific societies. He and his wife currently live north of Dallas.