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Books by Wayland Coker

  • Overcoming in Business and Life: A Common-Sense Playbook for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

    One needs a knowledgeable and experienced mentor to face the many challenges confronting business owners and entrepreneurs today. In Overcoming in Business and Life, Wayland Coker is that mentor. He not only provides principles for overcoming almost every conceivable situation, but he also shares personal stories and situations applying those principles. He doesn’t just give you answers to all your problems. Like a good mentor, he asks the hard questions you should be asking yourself. Overcoming in Business and Life doesn’t tell you what to think but rather how to think, preparing you to overcome both now and in the future, no matter what lies ahead.

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Wayland Coker has authored dozens of articles on entrepreneurship, business strategy, and management. He holds an MBA from George Washington University and is an accredited Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP). Retiring as a naval officer after over twenty years of service, including tours on a nuclear submarine during the Cold War, a surface ship during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and a Navy headquarters staff tour in the Pentagon, he started Coker Logistic Solutions (CLS). His company has won many awards, including the 2012 Northrop Grumman Supplier of the Year. As a public speaker Wayland has lectured and presented at various academic venues, conferences, and trade shows in the US and around the world.