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Books by Vernal Lind

  • When June Comes

    Virgil Martin is a dedicated teacher facing unusual challenges at Merritt High School. As senior class advisor, he finds himself in the the middle of several conflicts. Students plan an unauthorized bonfire. An argument between two colleagues leads to a heart attack and death. A troubled student threatens the safety of Virgil and a female colleague and a fellow teacher struggles with a draft notice that would take him into a war he feels is wrong.

    Yet in the midst of death, tragedy, violence and the anti-war protests of the 60s and 70s war, life goes on, and some delightfully funny happenings take place as friendships develop. Virgil Martin relies on his faith and inner spirit to help him get through the year. Because he knows that when June comes, all will be well again and they will have a graduation that no one will ever forget.

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Vernal Lind is the author of four historical novels, Beyond Those Hills, Beyond the Storm, Beyond the Darkness, and Beyond This Home, and has been recognized as Writer of the Year at the Write to Publish conference. He taught English on the senior high school and college level for 36 years and then became a history researcher and freelance writer. His articles and stories have appeared in Grit, Lifewise, Teachers in Focus, Teachers of Vision and other periodicals as well as in several anthologies.