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Books by Tracey Taylor Arvidson

  • 10 Rules About Monsters

    Monsters are real to children and can be found hiding everywhere, from inside a vacuum cleaner to under a bed. Even a washing machine is fair game for a monster! Fears are real and confusing for a young child. Trying to help our children overcome and conquer a fear isn’t easy. But sometimes, just a little grandmotherly love and understanding is all that’s needed. Ten Rules About Monsters, written by a grandmother and illustrated by a mother, helps a child to face his or her fear through laughter and love. If your child has ever worried about that monster hiding under the bed, then this is the story for you.

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Tracey Taylor Arvidson is an American-born illustrator and toy designer originally from Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Her illustrations regularly appear in magazines, children's and young adult books, and on novel covers. Her work has been published and sold around the world and has won numerous awards. She is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and currently lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her husband and four children.

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