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Books by Tom Watkin

  • Business Development Begins Here

    Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or technical professional, never has the ability to grow a business been more critical than in today’s ever-changing landscape. Leaders eager to develop these skills will find Business Development Begins Here their go-to resource.

    Drawing on his twenty-plus years of professional experience leading teams and business development across the globe, Tom Watkin distils the essence of business development into an easy-to-use system comprising three stages-assess, aim, and action. Assessing purpose, goals, and market while aiming effort through consistent planning leads to systematic action that will keep you talking to the right customers and pursuing priority opportunities again and again.

    The simplicity of the system and its foundation in real-world experience results in a practical guide with lessons that can be applied immediately. This robust system will contribute to significant revenue growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to catapult your business development effort to the next level.

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Tom Watkin is an author and business leader with experience that spans the globe. He has led teams and business development efforts for organizations of all sizes over a range of industries. These have included startups, companies with limited market exposure, and those with strong existing customer bases. This applied experience, coupled with an MBA, MSc, and BSc, allows Tom to bridge the communications gap between the technical, commercial, and sales disciplines and to understand the hands-on and systematic application of strategy to business development to achieve repeatable results.To learn more about his work, visit www.tomwatkin.com